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 We are a local business that supplies savory specialties, such as chocolate covered, roasted/salted, praline, sweet Georgia glazed, and a large selection of gourmet candies to enjoy. Plus, halves and pieces, ready to use in all your favorite recipes. Not to mention Mama Marf’s jams and jellies homemade perfections, nestled in the heart of Bulldog country! 

Our pecans have a rich, buttery flavor that's second to none. The unique climate and fertile soil in this region contribute to their exceptional taste, making them a sought-after choice for anyone who savors the perfect pecan. These pecans are selected to ensure only the finest make it to your table. They're plump, perfectly shaped, and have that delightful taste that sets them apart from the rest in the area. 

These savory spreads will be a go-to choice for a cozy evening in or hosting holiday gatherings. North Georgia Pecan company offers a taste of Athens heritage and traditions plus services to help our local growers such as:
Cracking Services: Many people adore fresh pecans but dread the hassle of cracking them. We provide a hassle-free way to enjoy your delicious treats by the convenience of cracking pecans for our customers.
Blowing Services: For those who want the pecans out of their shells without the mess, we offer blowing services to make it easier and more enjoyable for them to use the nuts in recipes or eat them as a snack.
North Georgia Pecan Company, we’re your one-stop destination for all things pecan plus a little more!
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